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Placenames Australia is the newsletter of the Australian National Placenames Survey. It began its life in March 1996 as the Bulletin of the then National Placenames Project, with Bill Noble as its editor. As the Project grew into the Australian National Placenames Survey more design features were added to the newsletter and the number of subscribers and contributors continues to grow steadily. It is now a free, quarterly publication and contains articles and short pieces about the cultural aspects of placenames and placename research in Australia. 

Feel free to browse through (and print) and of the issues linked to our panel on the right, or any of the back issues in our Newsletter Archive, using Adobe Reader (or through Preview on Mac computers).

Are you searching for past articles or references to particular placenames? Our contents list of all previous issues (from 2001 onwards) may help.

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Placenames Australia

  December 2001-
  ISSN  1836-7968 (Print)  1836-7976 (Online)


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