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Australia and NZ placenames websites

We link you here to the naming authorities in Australia and New Zealand. These organisations have strongly supported the development of the ANPS and we are working in partnership with them to cover the cultural as well as the technical aspects of placenames.

ACT:     Land Information Centre, Australian Capital Territory

NSW:    Geographical Names Board of New South Wales

NT:    Place Names Committee

QLD:    Department of Natural Resources & Mines, Queensland place pames search

SA:      Property Location Browser

TAS:    Placenames Tasmania - Placenames search
          Land Information Systems Tasmania - ListMap

VIC:    Land Victoria--VICNAMES

WA:    Landgate--Western Australian Place Names and Addressing

NZ:    Land Information New Zealand

AUST:    The Gazetteer of Australia

       Intergovernmental Committee for Surveying and Mapping

       Permanent Committee on Place Names

       Department of Defence - Australian Hydrographic Service: Maritime Gazetteer of Australia

       Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority

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Australian Indigenous languages websites

The following websites are a good starting point for anyone interested in Australia's Indigenous languages. These sites often include useful material about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander placenames.

Australian Institute for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies

Aboriginal Languages of Australia

Aboriginal place names around Sydney Harbour

Languages of the World Ethnologue

First Languages Australia

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International websites

The links below are to placenames bodies in other English-speaking countries, many of which have been very supportive of the development of the ANPS and have provided the ANPS with advice and encouragement.

Natural Resources Canada: Geographical Names Search

Canadian Society for the Study of Names

United Kingdom: Permanent Committee on Geographical Names

United Kingdom: Gazetteer of British Place Names

English Place Names Society

Society for Name Studies in Britain and Ireland

Ulster Place-Name Society

Scottish Place-name Society

The American Name Society

United States Board on Geographic Names

The Ghana Place Names project

Korean National Geographic Information Institute

Names Society of Southern Africa

Several international journals deal with placenames (toponymy) as well as with general issues of names and naming (onomastics):

The journal ONOMA

The Canadian journal Onomastica Canadia

Finally, the International Council of Onomastic Sciences website is a useful portal for names-related content:

The ICOS Website

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Education resources

The Committee for Geographical Names of Australasia (CGNA) has produced a Teachers Lesson Pack, suitable for use in English, Science, Arts, and SOSE/Humanities classes:

What's in a Name?

A brochure outlining placenaming practice in Australia and CGNA's role is also available online:

The CGNA Brochure

An on-line course in toponymy, made available by the International Cartographic Association:

The ICA Toponymy Course

National Library of Australia - gazetteers and maps

The link below is to the map collection of the National Library of Australia. It also links to street directories, atlases, gazetteers, and reference material.

National Library of Australia - Gazetteers

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Historical Association websites

The Australian Council of Professional Historians Associations Inc

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Australian placenames - published lists and web searches 

Victorian Places

Dictionary of Sydney

Placenames of South-East Queensland (compiled by Ron Potter)

Hornsby Shire (NSW) - Street & Place Names

Hunter Valley (NSW) Placenames

South Australian Placenames - State Library: the Manning Compendium

Placenames of Aboriginal Origin

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International placenames - published lists and web searches 


Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names Online

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Research Friends downloads

For current Research Friends who want to make sure that they have an up-to-date Instruction brief (in MS Word) for data entry:

There is an Information Pack available for anyone interested in becoming a Research Friend: ask us for a copy.

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